WheelChair Sports SCUBA Day

G'day All

WADivers Members along with Chriso from Scuba Imports have orginised with Wheelchair Sports Asc. to have a SCUBA diving day for some their members, all these guys and girls are wheelchair bound and for the majority of them the first time they have been on SCUBA :P .

We expect to have between 15-20 members of Wheelchair Sports coming along on the day for a dive.

Where and When

To be held at Challenge Stadium
Saturday 7th May
Kick off at 1:30pmĀ 

What I really need is around 4 but happy for more, Certified & Insured Instructors and or Dive Masters willing to come along for the afternoon to give us a hand. Any certifying organization is fine but you must be insured and in teaching status.

I am also really keen and looking for some volunteer scuba divers from WADivers to come along and help with logistics and gearing up on the day 3-4 should be fine but of course if you would like to come on the day you are most welcome.

I will be supplying most of the dive gear but if anyone is willing to loan a couple of complete sets of gear, weight belts and full cylinders any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Please get in touch via Email

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